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CEO Letter to All Asante Shareholders, Employees, and Contractors

"Painting" by Adjei, Accra, Ghana

 CEO letter to All Asante Shareholders, Employees, and Contractors:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families! 

It is with a strong sense of accomplishment that I look back at the great achievements that we as a Company have made in the past year. This success was based on the collective work and prayers of each and everyone of you, without exception. 
I think our name best sums it up – Asante Gold. Asante translates to – THANK YOU! And of course, gold – is what we do. And gold continues to shine very brightly both as the most stable commodity and the World’s best money. 
As we continue to transform from a gold explorer to a gold producer, the transition will be very challenging and will require the best from each and everyone of us. I know we will meet each of the challenges as they arise. 
On behalf of the Board, we take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and festive Christmas season and a truly prosperous New Year. 

"Douglas  R. MacQuarrie "
Chief Executive Officer